Pipe Dreaming - FESTA 2016


FESTA (Festival of Transitional Architecture) is a biannual festival held in Christchurch.  The theme for the 2016 event was "Lean Means", prompting participants to creatively explore what it means to use the resources readily available to us, material or otherwise.

In collaboration with Christchurch artist Julia Morison, we developed "Pipe Dreaming", a structure of 150 hand painted cardboard tubes. When night fell, the structure was lit up with photography of our material experiments. Visitors were encouraged to walk through and interact freely with Pipe Dreaming, to really entertaining results!

Research, prototyping and rapid ideation were all key to the finished product. We used re-purposed material exclusively, keeping in mind the end life of everything we used.

We also produced a zine about our process that sat with our installation. On the night before the event I joined Julia for a speech at the Centre of Contemporary Art, where we spoke about our project and the potential for a reimagined city.


Awards: SEGD Merit Award, Best Award Bronze
Output: Installation, photography, publication, speech
Team: Nicki Gordon,Maggie Meiklejohn, Rachael van Wieringen,
Claire Huang, Calvin Lai, Nicole Gesmundo, Sarah Joubert, Franziska Steinkohl
in collaboration with Jo Bailey, Nick Kapica and artist Julia Morison
Photography: Franziska Steinkohl